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From Athleisure to Athflow: Comfort is the Trend of the Year

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From Athleisure to Athflow Trends of the Year

The must-have for everyone this year has become comfortable (but Zoom-appropriate) outfits. As you’re working from home, we’ve often found ourselves wearing sweatpants, knitwear and pajamas, all of which have defined 2021.

That’s how the trends of “athleisure” and “athflow” have become more and more popular, and it’s exactly what you need for the upcoming season. Forget the old logoed sweatshirts you are familiar with. Now there are plenty of cuter choices around to snuggle up in!

What is athleisure?  

Athleisure is athletic clothing that is comfortable and stylish. It’s usually characterized by yoga pants, shorts, hoodies, and tank tops, that are stretchy and perfect for the gym but also look nice in any casual setting. While it’s pretty popular among women, the athleisure style is getting more and more popular among men. So, bonus points if you’re matching with your best friend! Athflow is a logical continuation of trends we’ve seen in the past. More importantly, this new style is exactly what we needed.

So what’s athflow? 

Even if you’ve never heard of athflow, you probably have a few items already in your closet. We’re talking cute sweatpants, cardigans, stretchy leggings, and oversized sweatshirts. It’s a mix of athleisure wear and loungewear. 

In the athflow style, it’s absolutely fine to mix and match casual sweatshirts with your elegant pants, so have fun with it!

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